10 Habits to Transform your Life

By September 12, 2016Mindset

Are you ready to change your life?!

Let’s hope you kept reading after that first question haha! Many of us will go through life being envious of others discipline and success, yet unfortunately that does not get us any closer to achieving our own. These 10 tips are achievable for anyone – you don’t have to be brilliant, you don’t have to be rich, you don’t have to spend any money, you don’t need a therapist, yet I can promise you, should you adapt these habits every day your life will be vastly different for the better.

While anyone can do these, you have to be willing to start. Reading this list is not going to help you if you are not willing to put into practice what you read. So I have included a strategy for you to actually put this into practice. I honestly want you to see how amazing your life can be doing these 10 simple things every day but YOU have to make the change.

Firstly, you don’t need to start doing all 10 tomorrow. In fact the chances are if you currently don’t do any that by trying to do all 10 tomorrow you will feel so overwhelmed that you’ll give up within a week. So this is what I propose:

Go through the list and firstly work out which ones you are already doing everyday. You can now check those of your list. Then write your own list of the habits you are doing inconsistently and the habits you aren’t doing at all. Of that list of “doing inconsistently” and “not doing at all” pick the EASIEST one for you to start doing every day.

For the next week focus on just doing that ONE thing every day don’t even worry about the others on the list, just do that one (in addition to any others you were already doing). After a week sit down and re-assess, do you feel confident that this is now a part of your routine? If not keep going for another week with just that ONE habit until you feel confident it is ingrained in your routine. Once it is, fan-freaking-tastic you can now pick the next habit to move on to and do the same until you’ve achieved all 10.

It may take you 3 months, it may take you a year, it may take you 3 years to start doing all 10 each day and you know what – THAT IS FINE! It has probably taken me 5 years and as you will see I am still not consistent in every habit but that is okay I am working on it and one day I know I will be.



  1. Meditate – If you Google “habits of successful people” I can guarantee that this is the one habit you will see on every single list. That has got to say something, right? Meditation is something that doesn’t come easily for me and is something I am currently adopting into my routine. It takes practice and persistence – don’t give up, show up every day to meditate even if you do have a million thoughts. The benefits of meditation still blow my mind – improved mental and physical health, everything from boosted memory to an improved immune system. Shows the mind really is the master of our body.
  2. Wake up early – Sorry snoozers – this is probably the hardest one on the list for many hear me out though! There is something so peaceful about the mornings and I absolutely love it. I love the feeling of knowing half the world is still asleep. I love watching those who do get up early and seeing them do what they do. I’m not saying you need to wake at 5am every day but give yourself enough time to have some YOU time in the morning. Best way to do this? – No snooze button! As soon as your alarm goes off try jumping out of bed immediately, the longer you stay lying in bed the more tired you will feel. Trust me on this one, I still make the mistake of lying in bed trawling through insta from time to time and I always feel worse for it.
  3. Move your body – you don’t have to have a full-blown sweat session every day but move in some way, everyday! Go for a walk, stretch, swim, yoga, run, weights – whatever it may be! Exercise is not only good for your physical health but boosts your memory and concentration
  4. Read – this is one of the most underrated habits ever! I was never a reader, man you couldn’t even get me to read books for assignments in school I’d be the one Googling the summary. Now I aim to read 1 book per month. Why? There is so much to learn, we are so lucky to have the ability to learn almost anything by reading, so why the hell not take advantage of that?! Just imagine how much knowledge you will have if you aim to read 1 book per month for the next 10 years!
  5. Show gratitude – Again a relatively new habit of mine but at the end of each day I spend a few minutes listing the things I am grateful for. Now I believe this works a million times better if you actually write down your gratitude list, I however am yet to transcend to that level – but who knows maybe tonight is the night?! When I talk about gratitude it doesn’t have to be big stuff. No matter the situation, no matter how awful your day was there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for – the sunshine, your bed, your family, your delicious cup of tea – anything! I strive to list 10 things each day because this actually pushes you a little to think of more and to think of the little things. What that in turn does is keeps your awareness on throughout the day to see what you have to be grateful for, I now find I often am looking out for things to add to my gratitude list during the day.
  6. Laugh – laughter is the best medicine. If you’re spending the whole day alone at your laptop and you know there is no chance of a little human interaction then Google some funnies, so worth it!
  7. No screens 1 hour before bed – I am a massive hypocrite saying this one because this is something I am YET to achieve. The bright light emitted from your screen disrupts our natural circadian rhythms and suppresses the release of our sleep hormone – melatonin. Instead try read a real printed book (not an ebook reader) for the hour before bed and you’ll nail two habits in one!
  8. Compliment someone – seriously takes two seconds to tell someone they look nice, you like their outfit, you appreciate something they did for you. This shouldn’t need to be said but if you don’t already, give out just 1 compliment per day – more if possible!
  9. Visualise – Take out some quiet time (I like to do this just after meditation) and spend 5 minutes visualising your goals and your to-dos. You cannot achieve something if you cannot visualise yourself achieving it. I don’t care how wild your dreams are visualise yourself having achieved them, what does it look like, what does it feel like? Then narrow it down think about your daily to-do list and visualise yourself smashing every single thing on it.
  10. Eat breakfast – okay I had to have one nutrition one on here and it was a toss between eat more greens and eat breakfast – breakfast won. A coffee on the run does not count as breakfast. Now that you are waking up earlier 😉 (see habit #2) you will have time to make yourself a breakfast. In all honestly there is no excuse for no breakfast. Even if I wake up late breakfast is a non negotiable if it’s only a banana then so be. If you don’t have breakfast you’ll be hungry, low in energy, low mood, low productivity, have difficulty focusing and be reaching for unhealthy snacks during the day.


Now please don’t feel overwhelmed by this list – like I said take it one at a time. It doesn’t matter if it takes you 6 months to even get one habit down. At the end of the day these are habits you are going to keep for life and habits that will change your life so just take it as slow as you need. Feel free to check in with me on my instagram and let me know how you’re going with your habits.

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Marika xo

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