Marika Day

Bachelor Health Sciences (Nutrition)
Masters Dietetics Studies

Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD)

Qualified Personal Trainer
Certificate III + IV Fitness

My Philosophy

Real food, positive mindset, movement & self love.

My philosophy is simple; I believe that we should all eat real, wholefoods most of the time, that we should move our bodies daily in ways that we ENJOY, that we should LOVE & APPRECIATE our bodies and continually work to maintain a positive mindset.

I am tired of people thinking that nutrition, health and wellness needs to be costly, complicated and confusing. I am here to revolutionize the health and fitness industry and show you how you can live a balanced, healthy life and successful life that doesn’t cost a fortune, doesn’t require you to diet, hate your body or live off powders and potions.  All you need to do is believe in yourself, make small changes, be consistent and love what you do. I will provide you with real down to earth nutrition information based on scientific evidence, delicious healthy recipes to inspire your cooking, fitness tips and workouts to get you moving and motivational strategies to help you believe in the power of yourself.

My Story

15 year old me wouldn’t recognize the current me if we bumped into each other on the street. Only 10 years ago I was unhappy, unwell, unfit & unhealthy. I had no vision for life, no passion and no motivation. Fast forward 10 years and I am the fittest, happiest, strongest and most confident I have ever been. I have goals set for the future that if I told you, you’d probably laugh because they are so unrealistic to most. To me however, they are absolutely within reach.

So what changed? I exercised, ate healthy and surrounded myself with positive people, even if at times those people were only authors of books. Yep that’s it. It may have taken the better half of 10 years to get to where I am, but boy was it worth it.

Week by week and month by month I started to make small changes. Firstly, I was diagnosed with coeliac disease, so out went the gluten. At the same time I tried to eat a little healthier, no big changes just more fruit & veg. After seeing how my body responded I was amazed by the impact nutrition can have on the body and wanted to learn more. With a horrid grade point average in my business degree (Hot Tip: falling asleep in classes doesn’t help your GPA!) and on the verge of being kicked out, I considered the hurdles I would have to jump through to get into Nutrition + Dietetics (think aptitude  exams and chemistry bridging courses – yuck!).  At the end of the day I knew I had to give it a go. I sat exams and filled out paperwork in the hope I might be accepted as a “mature age student” (at 19 mind you haha!). Somehow despite my years of not paying attention in classes and never studying for anything, I got in!!

The more I learnt about nutrition and exercise and the more I saw the effects on my body, the more I loved it. I genuinely loved uni, well for the most part . I started walking more, going to group fitness classes and eventually working my way up to getting a personal trainer. I began reading positive psychology books, listening to motivational speakers and reading self improvement blogs online. Step by step, day by day, my mindset was changing and so was everything around me. I began to remove negative people from my life and surround myself with only those that had more belief in me than I had in myself. Don’t get me wrong, there were many hurdles and set backs along the way including hip surgery, a horrific breakup, a bout of depression, a few job changes, some serious moments of self doubt and a relocation back home (nothing says things aren’t going to plan like moving back in with your parents after 8 years living alone – mum if you’re reading this don’t take it personally, I still love you haha). Despite this – I never gave up and to be perfectly honest, I put this down to the strength I developed in my training. Knowing you can make it through the toughest workouts without actually dying gave me both physical and mental strength. My life was changed. As a result of the past 10 years I honestly believe anything is possible if I work hard enough.

It is now my personal mission to help you to become the BEST version of yourself. To show you the strength you can achieve through health and fitness. To teach you to LOVE your body no matter what. To help you overcome negative self talk and to help you implement small simple changes that will change your life.

I hope to empower you to be fitter, to be healthier, to be stronger and to be more confident in your own skin.

Marika xo