Bodylove Bootcamp Weeks 2 – 4

By May 29, 2017Fitness, Nutrition

Arghhh! Time flies when you’re having fun!! Long gone are my promises of sharing my weekly progress with you, however here is an update of where we are at.


  • Meal prepping is now a habit! I was never a meal prepper (is that a word?) in fact I didn’t really see the point of it as I would usually prep meals within 10-15 minutes anyway. However with long days having my meals prepped and portioned is one less thing to think about. One less decision to make. I am now a fully converted Sunday meal prepper!
  • What am I eating? Breakfasts really don’t change much for me. Oats or GF weetbix with fruit and milk or a smoothie bowl. Lunches have been prepped for the whole 5 days of the week and have been some combo of vegetables/salad and protein. This week I have roasted chicken and roast veg, last week I had pasta with a turkey mince and tomato sauce, bulked up with vegetables as usual. Dinners are either something i’ve prepped or if I have no prepped meals it will be eggs and veggies or tin salmon and veggies (boring I know). Snacks have been fruit, almonds, carrot sticks, chobani yoghurt and WPI protein. The last two weeks i’ve also had dessert every single day by having just two squares of the Lindt 70% cocoa extra smooth dark chocolate (if you haven’t tried this one – you MUST).
  • Mindful eating – The biggest change i’ve made is in thinking about my food choices. Thinking how hungry am I and do I really need to get that extra handful of almonds to snack on while I am preparing my other snack. I have also been learning to really truly LOVE my dark chocolate at night and i’ve found this has actually meant I haven’t had a “cheat” (I hate that word!) meal in over a week. Each night I seriously look forward to my two squares with a big cup of tea and I eat them sooo slowly and just enjoy every single mouthful of the chocolate.


  • Training has been amazing! I’ve decided not to over think it too much and just go. If I catch myself overthinking if I should go or not I just say “Stop arguing with yourself and just go”. I’ve found it is almost more exhausting deciding if I should go to gym or not than it is to just stop the arguing and go.
  • I’ve been doing about 3-4 strength based sessions each week lifting weights and then running 1-2 times per week. Running fitness doesn’t seem to be picking up yet – I think I need to start pushing a little faster in the runs.
  • Rest – 2 days every single week – one day I might just do a walk and the other day will likely be not much maybe a bit of a stretch


  • Feeling FABB. Feeling stronger, more confident, more energised and more motivated! Isn’t it funny that the more action we take the more motivated we feel? Action leads to motivation. So when we sit around waiting to be motivated we really aren’t helping the situation. Start DOING and the motivation comes.
  • Energy has picked up. I have put in place the routine of being in bed at 9pm at the latest and it has been a miracle. Sleep is SO important to training, weight, recovery, motivation and appetite. I suggest to my bootcamp girls to get 7-8 hours a night sleep so it was time I started implementing that myself!!
  • I’ve been implementing a new morning routine where as soon as I get up I get myself straight into bright light. This helps get your circadian rhythm in tune and because it is pitch black when I wake up this can mean my body is slow to wake. By getting in bright light you are telling your body it is time to get up and it starts releasing hormones to help you wake up and feel more energised.

That’s about it for me. The girls in the group are doing absolutely fabulously. Each session they are getting stronger and fitter, I could not be more proud of them. One of them sent me a photo just over the weekend saying she’d just got back into a pair of jeans she hadn’t been able to fit for two years!!! How impressive is that!?

Anyway two more weeks left of this round of the bootcamp so will be really ramping things up to stay strong, stay consistent and stay motivated.

Marika xo

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