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By February 5, 2017Nutrition

What should I eat for healthy snacks? This is one of my most frequently asked questions and it’s no surprise as most people find that they can keep their meals quite healthy but it’s in between meals when hunger rises, or boredom strikes that they find themselves reaching for the chocolates.

Before I delve into what are some healthy snack ideas and which snacks I consume on a daily basis I wanted to also share some tips and strategies around making healthy habit changes with snacks.


  • Always, always, always eat your snack off a plate! I don’t care if it is a handful of nuts, a slice of cheese or an apple. Portion your snacks onto a plate. Why? This helps your brain to recognise how much you are eating and how full you ‘should’ feel after eating that amount. Notice when you eat out of a packet at the pantry cupboard you can always eat more?? Yepp, that’s why!
  • Sit down at the table. This one can be hard if you’re busy on the go but try your hardest to take your snack and sit down at a table with a glass of water and enjoy it like it were a meal.
  • Eat foods that are going to make you feel good. Yes the bag of lollies at 3pm might give you a quick sugar hit, but how are you going to feel in an hour? Think about what might sustain you for longer.
  • Ask yourself if you are snacking because you are bored, tired, stressed (insert emotion) or are you eating because you are truly hungry and need a snack? Keep in mind food won’t solve your stress

Seriously, you will get more benefit from implementing the above strategies than you will knowing what healthy snacks to eat! Try even just make one of the above changes this week and see what it does for you!

Okay so now what you all came for! Healthy Snacks. I’ve started with the ones that I personally eat on a regular basis, this doesn’t mean you should but people always ask what I do so I thought I would share 🙂

  • Fresh fruit – e.g. banana, apple, orange, nectarines, fruit salad ect ect ect.
  • Nuts – Small handful of nuts – I tend to go for almonds because I love them the most
  • Protein Shake (I use Whey Protein Isolate)
  • Corn thins/Brown rice cakes with peanut butter or avocado or cottage cheese
  • Carrot, celery, capsicum sticks with hummus
  • Boiled egg
  • Greek Yoghurt with berries
  • Edamame beans with sea salt
  • Chia pudding (soak 1 tbsp chia seeds with 3/4 cup milk of choice) add berries
  • Bliss balls (preferably homemade) If you’re buying them be careful of added sugars. My fave are the Health Enthusiast Co (not sponsored – just love them) available here
  • Banana or apple with peanut butter
  • Roasted chickpeas
  • Mini Frittata and Vegetable muffins
  • Homemade healthy muffins
  • Homemade healthy banana bread
  • Airpopped popcorn (not the buttery salty kind sorry!)
  • Homemade protein bars (like these)

What else do you do for healthy snacks? I’d love to hear your ideas, just comment below and share with everyone 🙂

Marika xo


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  • Anna conneally says:

    Hi! I love your ideas ! X I’m 14 from Ireland. I follow your snapchat and Instagram closely , love your posts! These are some of the snacks I have 🙂 –

    Oatcakes with hummus or nut butter , yoghurt and moringa powder, chicken with salted fresh baby tomatoes and cucumber, frozen banana and peanut butter is a nice treat also frozen grapes , kale chips ( place kale with tiny bit of olive oil into the oven ) , roasted veggies .

    • Marika says:

      Hi Anna,

      Ahh yum, love all your ideas!! Sound delicious. Thanks for following and hope you aren’t too freezing over there in Ireland! 🙂 Marika xo

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