Exploring Inspire Cycle: Teneriffe

By December 8, 2016Fitness

Are you ready to sweat more than you ever have before?! If so Inspire Cycle is for you.

As part of my girls bootcamp we spend our Saturday sessions trying out new forms of exercise, whether it be hiking mountains, beach workouts or testing out group fitness classes. Last Saturday we were fortunate enough to try Inspire Cycle for the first time and we were certainly impressed.

Firstly, lets talk about the facility. OH MY GODDD! If you follow me on snapchat (@marikaday) you would have seen how amazing it is. Everything you ever need is there – bobby pins, deodorant, clean towels, cold wet towels for wiping sweat, hair spray, hair straighteners, cold bottled water, seriously you need it, they have thought of it!

Secondly, you get to wear cool cycling shoes (can you tell im not a cyclist?!) it just makes you feel so much more professional when you have the kit right!

The workout itself I have heard is very similar to Soul Cycle in the States. Essentially it’s a spin class which incorporates the entire body, including the mind. Cycle all out up ‘hills’, let your shoulders burn with upper body strength (yes on the bike!) and let your mind relax with slow relaxation tracks. Leaving this workout you will be absolutely DRENCHED in sweat and feeling ready and roaring to tackle the day.

I will admit (if you don’t know already) I am the most unco-ordinated human, so group fitness classes really aren’t my forte. I am that girl who is about 3 moves behind everyone else in the group. Fortunately for those like me Inspire Cycle is in a DARK room so no one knows if you’re three moves behind no one knows hahah! (WINNNING!).

If you’re into getting a full blown sweat on, feeling pampered with little extras and working your butt off then it is certainly worth checking out! Find them in Teneriffe in Brisbane and coming soon to the Gold Coast. http://www.inspirecycle.com.au/


Marika xx

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