What to train when you don’t want to train

By April 20, 2016Fitness

What to train when you don’t want to train?

We have all been there. Those days you spend the entire day at work arguing with yourself whether you should go to the gym or not. I am the first to admit this happens to me, and probably once per week at that. No one is immune from a sickness like this even the most exercise addicted among us haha! So what do you do about it, how to you cure this disease (kidding obviously!).


  1. Ask yourself why you are arguing with yourself? Are you genuinely worn down? Does your body hurt? Are all your muscles aching? If this is the case maybe you actually need a day off. Listen to your body, but be honest with yourself. The other case, which in my experience is the more likely, you just feel mentally drained and lazy, maybe a few muscles hurt a little but you’d be lying to yourself to say that you need complete bed rest. If this is the case, the reason why you’ve probably been arguing with yourself is because you know you want to train but you are mentally drained, uninspired or lacking motivation. If this is you keep reading. If you are genuinely in need of a rest day PLEASE TAKE ONE
  2. Just go – seriously that’s it. Stop thinking about it, stop arguing with yourself, put on your shoes and go. Sounds easy – because it is. The mental effort is in the argument, stop arguing and just go. Text a friend and tell them to meet you at the gym if you need.
  3. Get your heart racing! In my experience (and I’ve had a lot of experience with unmotivated gym days haha!) a low intensity workout doesn’t help on days like these. Trust me I’ve tried thinking it was an easy option. Lifting a few weights here and there, 5 minutes on the bike then changing to the cross trainer, you’ll end up going home within 20 minutes. What you need is a workout that will throttle you into 110%, get the adrenaline pumping and the endorphins running high. Not only will this mean you smash the workout but you will leave feeling better and more alert than when you arrived.

Try this as a high intensity workout for those uninspired days. Most important thing is just to tell yourself you HAVE to get through it. I wont be there counting your reps but I know you won’t miss one because champions don’t skip reps. Please alter if you have any injuries (I don’t want anyone popping a hip).

15 box jumps

20 burpees

50 mountain climbers

30 jump lunges

15 triceps dips

10 push ups

1 km run

Repeat x 3

Now go SMASH it…. Enjoy!! 😉

Marika xo

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