Week 1: Bodylove Bootcamp

Week one is down!! It went so freaking fast but I am happy and also happy to be sharing this slightly delayed post with you (better late than never right?).

My focus last week was on routine! Not perfection, not dieting, not pressuring myself just getting some good routines in place.


Overall I am quite happy with how I ate last week. It wasn’t perfect but perfection isn’t sustainable and I only want to follow something that I KNOW I can sustain for life. One of my biggest realisations this week is how much $$ I can save if I actually prepare my meals and then stick to eating them (who would have thought haha!) Plus my week day meals this week were all vego which adds to the savings!!
Monday- Friday:
Breakfast: Protein overnight oats and frozen berries
Lunches: Tofu stir fry
Dinners: Eggs + veggies (eg broccoli, spinach, avocado, mushrooms)
Snacks : Fresh fruit, nuts/seeds, muesli bars, smoothies/protein shakes, nut butter, boiled egg
Dessert: chobani yoghurt + berries + drizzle of honey
Weekend: I was away on the weekend down in Sydney visiting my boyfriend so naturally I wanted to actually enjoy the time with him which means of course I wasn’t going to eat prepped at home meals. Sorry but life is for living not for being strict!
Friday night I had two glasses of wine but stuck to a healthy choice at dinner (calamari and salad which in actual fact wasn’t enough but I was too tired to find more food so just went to bed early). Saturday I didn’t eat breakfast until waaay too late which meant I probably over ate but sometimes these things happen – lesson learnt – always carry snacks! Otherwise I ate relatively well considering it was all purchased foods. I had as many veggies as possible at each meal opting for avo on toast with spinach at breakfast and lunch was a massssive stuffed sweet potato with salmon and cottage cheese, rocket and avocado! Dinner on Saturday was a little bit of everything cheese + crackers, 1 cider, a few plates of sushi and followed up with frozen yoghurt! yummm!! Absolutely no regrets, enjoyed every single mouthful. Sunday I doubled up with breakfast (breakfast and lunch) having eggs and veggies and then some sneaky chocolate squares in the evening as well as a muesli bar.
Certainly could have done better but as I said, this week was about routine. Something I have struggled with in the past is expecting that I need to work out as hard as possible, as often as possible. I’ve found this is a recipe for absolute disaster. Fatigue and injury will end up setting you further back. This week it was just about getting in the gym and getting some routine going.
Monday – Rest – Moving apartment all day so not entirely a rest but no gym
Tuesday – Gym strength training  (chest, shoulders and triceps)
Wednesday – Gym strength training  (back and biceps)
Thursday – Attempted to train legs after 4 sets of squats my knee was ACHING. I was unsure if by leaving gym I was ‘giving up’ or using it as an excuse or if I was just listening to my body. Regardless I figured I will just try again tomorrow and focus on getting work done today.
Friday-  Gym strength training  (legs – deadlifts, Bulgarian squats, leg press, front squats, jump squats, leg curls)
Saturday 10km walk – was meant to go to the gym and do a circuit but I was so exhausted after a week of <6hrs sleep a night. Plus I find when I am with my partner I can relax with ease so the tiredness just came over me. We ended up walking over 10km during the day though so I was happy with that.
Sunday – 5km run holyyyy crap I need to run more. Running fitness is down the drain at the moment! Considered doing a few stair runs at the end but I was stuffed. Next time haha!
I have had a huge realisation this week – for me food = comfort/pleasure. Now I know this may seem like a simple realisation but for me it was pretty big. I realised whenever I was doing something uncomfortable – whether that be something that bored me, something that was difficult, something that made me angry my first thought was FOOD! WHAAAAT. How silly is that?! Food can’t solve my anger about my rental bond, food won’t make my taxes completed. As a result I have come up with a list of “self care” tasks/items which I do when I know get that knee jerk reaction to go for food when things are uncomfortable. Things like do a 5 minute meditation, have a cup of tea, take a hot shower ect ect ect. I STRONGLY suggest you do the same, this is something I have got all the bootcamp girls to do. Self care is essential!
I know my body hasn’t changed much (if at all) in one week but  as soon as I get in a routine I immediately feel better. I feel more toned, more confident, less bloated even if it has only been a few days. This is why exercise and healthy habits are key when it comes to building self confidence – you dont even need to see body changes to start feeling better!!!
Let me know if you would like to know more about what is happening with the bootcamp otherwise I will keep you updated throughout the week on snapchat and will post again on Sunday this week with all the details of the week that is!
Marika xo

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